How to find a Job in Germany’s Industry (2 days)

Do 24.01.2019
09:00 – 09:00
Gebäude X

There are many questions if you start looking for a job in a company the first time. The seminar “How to find a Job in German’s Industry” gives an overview of most important topics related to the job search specifically for international students.

– Application documents (cover letter, CV, certificates)
– Job-seeking strategies (active and passive job search tips)
– Work Permit (current regulations)
– Job interviews (preparation and practice)
– Working conditions (typical salaries and regulations in employment contracts)

On the first day you will learn how to target your search for future employment, and where you can look for vacancies. There will also be explanation and practice about the meaning of typi-cal German phrases in job advertisements. In the second part you will understand how to write your cover letter and CV, and how best to adapt your application to the job offer. You will get application examples and advice for your certificate selection. Moreover, you will receive many important hints for your application period. The final part gives you an overview of the current situation regarding work permits and their conditions.

The second day prepares you for a successful participation in job interviews. You are intro-duced to typical questions asked and ways of answering them while avoiding common mis-takes. Beyond that, you will get general information about the interview structure, suitable clothing and salary negotiation strategies. In the next section you will get to find out everything about the employment contract, general conditions and other legal guidelines when in work, for example the number of holidays you are entitled to and your hours of work. A specific focus is given to salaries which also includes research tips and a calculation sheet.